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This website has been designed to promote "Panorama Photography", loosely defined as images whose width is greater than 1.5 x the height (i.e. aspect ratio greater than 1.5). There are many ways of creating panoramas such as using digital cameras with a panorama creation option, (e.g. 'in camera' or using 'stitch assist' for creation later), using specialised panorama cameras, extreme wide angle lenses or just using the extra pixels available on today's digital cameras to crop to a "virtual" wider angle. More recently you can use devices with built in panorama functionality such as the Sony Sweep Panorama range or the panorma function on iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets which allow you to create panoramas by simply panning the camera. We offer a print service for these. We also assist those wishing to see their existing pictures joined together and to provide a gallery and marketplace for those already creating panoramas. Please click here for more info on cameras, or just click on the galleries to see some "panorama" pictures from around the world uploaded by the site's visitors. If you already do this style of photograpy you may want to upload your own pictures to the "contributors gallery" click the link on the left. Or to see how big your image may print click here. Note most images will show details of camera and software used if you hover over image. Note the gallery has just been made easier to search for particular types of image. Click the Facebook link on the left to add feedback or comments on panoramas. home